DHEA Health Benefits

DHEA and its great health advantages

As we grow older, the amount of DHEA in our bodies starts to rapidly decline, the pace at which these levels drop signifying exactly how fast we get old. Even though DHEA has been carefully studied by many specialists, for many years, only 150 bodily functions were discovered to be affected by DHEA levels, from more than 400 (what is believed to be the real number).

When we are young or in our teens, the DHEA quantities are at their most until we reach 35 years old. This can be noticed especially in men, due to the fact that they don’t build up muscle mass as easily as before. The energy levels also start showing up signs of tiredness.

A brand new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition proves that DHEA health supplements, together with D Vitamin and Calcium greatly improve the bone structure’s density in women after a certain age (the age of menopause). This bone thinning is also known as osteoporosis, it affects millions of senior women from all over the world, because their levels of DHEA dramatically drop after they experience menopause. The same study reveals how DHEA supplements is the best help for bone formation and greatly helps the calcium absorption, especially when in conjunction with vitamin D and calcium.

The levels of DHEA are not only incredibly important for building up bone formation and density, but incredibly decreased levels of DHEA are in women suffering from Lupus – which is a very common health issue in women who are over their menopause.

Since lots of the menopause’s symptoms are a consequence of estrogen loss, side effects connected with the loss of DHEA and t testosterone in addition to bone density, such as:

- less muscle mass

- downgraded libido

- less strength

- less energy levels

Don’t believe that women are the only ones experiencing the results of decreased levels of DHEA. This kind of decline in DHEA quantities are also noticed in AIDS, Alzheimer’s, some types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, psychological disorders such as depression, hypertension, diabetes, viral infections of all kinds, sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Stress is another crucial cause for DHEA amounts to decline. Try and keep the stress level in your life under control, or at least try to maintain your DHEA levels in normal parameters.

Improving DHEA levels is the best improvement for the entire endocrine system, lowering the risk of atherosclerosis, increasing the immune function, improving memory and learning ability, as well as overall neuro-biological health.

DHEA supplements might very well become a part of your everyday diet and life. If you want to achieve the most accurate results, start by using a DHEA sulfate blood test. In case you’re older than 30 and you suspect having low DHEA, try supplementing with a small dose of DHEA – 7 Keto DHEA. Remember start slow and retest your levels in 60-90 days. You’re not going to notice a change overnight. There is no danger or side effects for you o worry about. Of course, if you are a pregnant woman, nursing mother or ill with any kind of chronic disease, it is always best to consult a doctor first.

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