7-Keto – The All Natural Weight Loss Supplement

What is 7-Keto?

7-Keto DHEA

7-Keto is a completely safe and natural byproduct that is created within the endocrine system from a hormone called dehydroepiandrosterone, or DHEA. Dehydroepiandrosterone is produced within the liver and adrenal glands. The primary function of DHEA is to be converted into androstenedione, which is then converted into male and female hormones. The remaining substance that was not used during the conversion processes is a natural byproduct of DHEA known as 7-Keto.

DHEA / 7-Keto Research

Researchers have come to the conclusion that the endocrine system’s level of DHEA and 7-Keto has a direct impact on the health and well-being of the entire human body. Elevated levels of hormones as well as low levels of hormones can cause a wide variety of health problems in both men and women. When the endocrine system has become disrupted, the body will react according to the amount of hormones that are present.

Lower levels of 7-Keto in the body are now thought to play a big role in causing many neurological issues. People that have low levels of 7-Keto are likely to suffer from chronic mood disorders, stress, depression, foggy memories, lowered learning capabilities, decreased libido, and low energy levels.

7-Keto Supplement

In addition, low levels of 7-Keto in the body have also been linked to physiological disorders and diseases such as weak immune systems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, viral infections, accelerated signs of aging, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, obesity, Lupus, Alzheimer’s, AIDS, and even some types of cancer.

DHEA / 7-Keto Health Benefits

Helps You Lose Weight and Gain a Healthier Body

7-Keto stimulates the thyroid gland to increase the body’s metabolism and energy levels. With more energy, the body will be more alert and energized to perform physical activities such as household chores and exercise. In addition, the body will have an increased metabolism rate that will trigger the body to go into a state of thermogenesis in order to burn off fat in the hip, thigh, and stomach areas at a rapid rate. In addition to reducing body weight, the 7-Keto that is naturally produced from DHEA will help reduce bad cholesterol and blood pressure while lowering the risk for atherosclerosis and cardiovascular problems.

Reduces High Levels of Cortisol to Improve Overall Well-Being

7-Keto has been successful in reducing high levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a hormone that is usually found in high levels in people that are suffering from stress, depression, cognitive issues, and other neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s. By increasing the levels of DHEA and 7-Keto in the body, the levels of cortisol will decrease and provide relief from stress, depression, and other neurological issues.

Increases Bone Strength and Reduces Risk for Osteoporosis

Research has shown that the levels of DHEA and 7-Keto dramatically drop in postmenopausal women and puts them at a higher risk for bone thinning, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. A new study that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has found that DHEA supplements along with calcium, vitamin D, and silica are essential supplements to help the bones restore their structure and density. Even those that already suffer from bone problems can improve their bone structure by taking supplements and following a strict diet that will provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals.

Helps Fight Illnesses and Disease While Slowing Down Aging Process

Research has found that humans start to see a decline in their levels of DHEA and 7-Keto around the age of 30, and the levels continue to decrease with further aging. By increasing the levels of DHEA and 7-Keto in the body, the body will be able to restore its immune system functioning. It will also cause the immune system to increase its production of IL-2 lymphocytes in order to trigger white blood cells that will protect the body from pathogens. This allows people of all ages, including the elderly, to quickly recover from illnesses and diseases such as Lupus and cancer while repairing deteriorated cells to slow down the process of aging and increase the body’s overall health.

Try a DHEA / 7-Keto Supplement to Improve Your Health

The best way to restore balance to the endocrine system so that the body can repair itself to its full health is by increasing the levels of DHEA and 7-Keto in the body by taking a DHEA supplement. Besides keeping the endocrine system balanced, it is also important to keep the body in good health by making sure you are getting enough vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. For more information about 7-Keto you can take a look at our other What is 7-Keto article.

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Is 7-Keto DHEA Safe For Your Health

7-keto Officially and scientifically known as Dehydroepiandrosterone, DHEA is in fact an athletic supplement, produced by natural ways and indented to raise testosterone levels in the organism. This reaction leads to weight loss and muscle build, elevated levels of energy and, pay attention, a greater libido. It gained all the public attention when average Joes wanting to lose some weight and gain some athletic figures started to consume it. There are already many natural supplements using DHEA as a main ingredient. There are many health benefits associated with 7-Keto DHEA, besides the ones already enumerated: rise in blood insulin levels, increased levels of the good cholesterol, a better memory and an improved immune system. However, it is always advisable to discuss taking any kind of supplement with a doctor, and for this reason, we must state what other health risks taking this supplement implied: due to it high content of both androgen and estrogen hormones, it has shown some hair growth in both men and women. People claimed it caused them mood swings, hyperglycemia and even cancer.

Why 7-keto DHEA For Your Health

Lucky for us, the scientists developed a brand new formula of DHEA, and this is 7-keto. This new supplement has the properties of its identical twin DHEA, but it no longer causes all the hormonal imbalances. 7-keto is, in fact, the natural metabolite of the original DHEA. Anyway, the human body already metabolizes the original DHEA into 7-keto after the metabolic process. By extracting the 7-keto directly from its source, and being ingested by a person, there is no longer need to worry about side effects. These only appear if the active substance needs to get metabolized.

What are the health benefits of 7-keto DHEA?

The proven effects of 7-keto DHEA are: weight loss, more energy, strengthened immune system, active treatment for those suffering from HIV and wasting disease, it heightens the levels of HDL cholesterol, and it reduces the risk of heart disease, heart attack. Depending on how much weight you want to lose, you need to be very careful when taking 7-keto DHEA. The recommended dosage is 200 mg every day, but some people prefer to take up to 1400 mg. The supplement is available in capsules of 50 to 100 mg. You must pay very much attention, because if you don’t have any fat in your body, this supplement will only make you harm. Why? Well, since you no longer have any fat in your organism and 7-keto DHEA accelerates the metabolism transforming fat into energy; it is possible to wake up drained of energy. From this point of view, this supplement is a very dangerous one.

Other 7-Keto DHEA Health Benefits

The list of 7-keto DHEA benefits could go on forever, but here are a few of the most important one: it alleviates lupus symptoms (all the skin problems that arrive with this disease), it determines a better sex drive, it prevents diabetes by reducing sugar levels in the bloodstream, it has amazing anti-aging effects.

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7-Keto DHEA versus “the old fashioned DHEA”

The more powerful and safer form of DHEA is known as 7-Keto DHEA or “mother hormone”. This substance is extremely effective to combat the aging and its effects, which affect incredibly many bodily functions. 7 Keto is in fact the 100% natural metabolite of DHEA. This definitely means that the human body converts DHEA into 7 Keto DHEA in the kidneys and skin, prior to going on to fortify our bodies.

The crucial difference between these two, DHEA and 7 Keto DHEA is that the second one is readily transformed into DHEA. In conclusion, the compound will never dangerously negatively influence estrogen and testosterone, like the old DHEA does. Actually, experts prove that this last mentioned DHEA is capable of increasing the levels of testosterone by 10 times more than normal.

Due to the fact that 7 Keto doesn’t get transformed into estrogens or testosterone, it is the 100% safe alternative to its other forms of compound. Elevated levels of hormones such as testosterone and estrogen can cause many health problems in both men and women – testosterone can cause women to grow a beard and it can cause prostate cancer in men. Even the Chairman Emeritus of the Enzyme Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison stated that it is "Completely innocuous" and "No-one has found any adverse side effects".

Furthermore, 7 Keto DHEA is proven to encourage and accelerate the process of weight loss, more than DHEA. 7 keto is 100% non toxic and safe. The clinical trial in Journal of Exercise Physiology Online studied 30 obese people taking either a placebo or a 7 Keto, or a 7 Keto supplement that is sold on the market. Also, both of the groups had to do 1 hour sessions of exercise every 7 days (both aerobic and anaerobic). When the study ended, the groups taking 7 Keto lost 1.8% of fat, and the placebo patients lost 0.57%. The general weight loss was 2.88 kilograms, 3 times more than the placebo group. The explanation to how 7 Keto DHEA initiates weight loss is this: it mimes thyroid hormones that determine the human body to cause more heat, which causes the burn of passive burn of calories. In other words, this compound raises the thyroid enzymes, causing a thermogenic effect.

7 Keto is also one of the greatest help for the immune system, since it increases the output of IL-2 in the lymphocytes. This IL-2 is the most important cytokine regulator of T-helper cells, activating the bodily defense mechanism against external offensive pathogens.

In conclusion, 7-Keto DHEA is the better form of simple DHEA. People who suffer from a serious illness or hormonal imbalance have to take DHEA, after a visit to the doctor, of course. On the other hand, 7 Keto may be effective at doses as low as 5-10 mg/per day with 25-50 mgs per day being adequate for use in disease treatment under medical supervision.

Take 1/4 teaspoon two times a day. Due to the time release nature of the liposome delivery system assimilation is gradual. 3 weeks on, one week off.

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DHEA Health Benefits

February 27, 2012

DHEA and its great health advantages

As we grow older, the amount of DHEA in our bodies starts to rapidly decline, the pace at which these levels drop signifying exactly how fast we get old. Even though DHEA has been carefully studied by many specialists, for many years, only 150 bodily functions were discovered to be affected by DHEA levels, from more than 400 (what is believed to be the real number).

When we are young or in our teens, the DHEA quantities are at their most until we reach 35 years old. This can be noticed especially in men, due to the fact that they don’t build up muscle mass as easily as before. The energy levels also start showing up signs of tiredness.

A brand new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition proves that DHEA health supplements, together with D Vitamin and Calcium greatly improve the bone structure’s density in women after a certain age (the age of menopause). This bone thinning is also known as osteoporosis, it affects millions of senior women from all over the world, because their levels of DHEA dramatically drop after they experience menopause. The same study reveals how DHEA supplements is the best help for bone formation and greatly helps the calcium absorption, especially when in conjunction with vitamin D and calcium.

The levels of DHEA are not only incredibly important for building up bone formation and density, but incredibly decreased levels of DHEA are in women suffering from Lupus – which is a very common health issue in women who are over their menopause.

Since lots of the menopause’s symptoms are a consequence of estrogen loss, side effects connected with the loss of DHEA and t testosterone in addition to bone density, such as:

- less muscle mass

- downgraded libido

- less strength

- less energy levels

Don’t believe that women are the only ones experiencing the results of decreased levels of DHEA. This kind of decline in DHEA quantities are also noticed in AIDS, Alzheimer’s, some types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, psychological disorders such as depression, hypertension, diabetes, viral infections of all kinds, sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. Stress is another crucial cause for DHEA amounts to decline. Try and keep the stress level in your life under control, or at least try to maintain your DHEA levels in normal parameters.

Improving DHEA levels is the best improvement for the entire endocrine system, lowering the risk of atherosclerosis, increasing the immune function, improving memory and learning ability, as well as overall neuro-biological health.

DHEA supplements might very well become a part of your everyday diet and life. If you want to achieve the most accurate results, start by using a DHEA sulfate blood test. In case you're older than 30 and you suspect having low DHEA, try supplementing with a small dose of DHEA - 7 Keto DHEA. Remember start slow and retest your levels in 60-90 days. You're not going to notice a change overnight. There is no danger or side effects for you o worry about. Of course, if you are a pregnant woman, nursing mother or ill with any kind of chronic disease, it is always best to consult a doctor first.

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